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Same Vision…New Goals

Hello there Lineworkers!

On the eve of these holidays and the brand new year upon us, Linework is glad to share with you the latest developments being realised during 2023.

As Fintech & De.Fi company, sure and convinced of the sector in which it operates and about the future ahead, Linework aims to unite traditional finance, banks, and politics that want to participate to the change in progress through blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Linework wants to make our community bigger, more driven to the opportunities of independence and economic freedom that Linework ecosystem is building.

During this past year, crypto-world has suffered an out-and-out breakdown, followed by Russo-Ukrainian War, inflation that reached alarming peaks in Italy and the resulting political instability that has afflicted the whole world. At the same time, having to deal with difficult scenarios from a global socio-economic point of view, Linework has suffered attacks from various subjects, aimed only at speculation that have undermined the project as a whole, starting from the expected growth for the Linework Coin (LWC), currently listed on the Bitmart and Bittrex exchanges.

Today, however, Linework wants to leave what happened behind and concentrate all its forces for the transparent development of the ecosystem that revolves around the newborn App ( Linework is looking for people who put their heart into the project and want to build customer loyalty by building useful services for everyday activities and leisure.

These are new goals  to be archieved during 2023:

  • additional functions related to the App, including the new marketplace for the sale of products and services, in addition to the already present function relating to the management of NFTs;
  • a study for the creation of a proprietary Exchange integrated within the app;
  • face-to-face and online assistance and training activities;
  • the project for the operational data center in northern Italy;
  • the creation of a Foundation with social aims at an international level;
  • the development of the Crypto-Bank, including all online payment methods by debit or credit cards, always in line with national and international regulations;
  • with even more strength the marketing plan on social networks, already active and with an international audience that counts, among others, around 6500 users on Twitter with a distribution on 4 continents and 18 countries. The marketing plan continues worldwide starting from January, with the arrival of the app on the AppStore and Google Play.

For  further  information,  we  invite  you  to  read  the  Whitepaper  at  the  following  link:

One of the new goals of Linework is to land in Miami by the end of January for further spread of the project overseas, without forgetting the key objective of the project, which is to give economic strength to that portion of the population that today lacks of it. Let us take the example of Lebanon, Venezuela, and many other African and Asian countries where Crypto and stablecoins have allowed many families to protect their savings.

Moreover, Linework internal Social Network already allows its users to communicate freely, always with respect for human rights, without censorship limits. The main objective is to create awareness and give a voice to everyone, especially those with difficulties related to the geographical and socio-cultural background from which they come, within which there are restrictions and oppression.

Linework has a new home in the beating heart of the city of Milan, in Via San Raffaele 1 (close to Duomo). For further information and appointments on site, please contact us at Below we indicate the official channels to contact for any need:





For the Italian community, an additional source of information created and managed by

Daniele Marcolongo:

Help us to make everyone understand that information must be obtained only from the official sources mentioned above and to be absolutely wary of anyone who contacts you on behalf of Linework.

Our offices will be closed from December 24th to January 2nd. Let’s all start together on

January 3rd with a renewed energy to build a wonderful 2023! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

Linework Team

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