Linework’s on Yahoo News

Linework’s on Yahoo News! We are proud to announce that our company has recently been mentioned on Yahoo News about The new Linework App. We are excited to share this news with our community and look forward to continued growth and success in the future!

Linework Introduces Its Different Features in the New Linework APP

“The entire ecosystem moves around the Governance Token (Linework Coin – LWC), listed on various Centralised Exchanges, which is the real backbone that makes it sustainable.

Get to know Linework main features:

Linework NFT-Marketplace allows anyone to create, buy & sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The App can be seen as a digital gallery that gives the opportunity to create (mint), sell, purchase, bid, transact, showcase, and trade blockchain collectibles, which are represented as NFTs. Furthermore, the app is also an integrated tool that allows NFTs to be visible on the biggest marketplaces that are ERC-20 compatible, which gives global recognition to NFTs. Lastly, the NFT Marketplace is user-friendly and efficient and all the transactions are registered.

Linework creates a full marketplace without bonds or obligations with the possibility of handling communities and shipping, where users can find all the products available sold C2C / B2C. Linework offers its users the opportunity to sell products and services for low-priced commissions. Also, each user has total control of buying and selling items on the App. It facilitates these transactions and allows users to communicate via private messages on the app or by posting messages on the forum…”

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