award ceremony of "stelle al merito sociale 2022"

The award ceremony of “Stelle al merito sociale 2022”

In the last week of November,  the Award ceremony of “stelle al merito sociale 2022”, took place in Milan. This award presented by Cultura &Società, for thirteen years, recognizes men and women who have distinguished themselves for their commitment in various fields, including social, professional, cultural and scientific.

This year,  the Award ceremony of “stelle al merito sociale”  was held at the MEIER university of Milan, and during her introductory speech, Professor Dea d’Aprile, emphasized the importance of education at all levels, especially at this time.

Francesco Vivacqua, President of Cultura&Società, highlighted how the “Stelle al merito sociale ” has become a regular event to thank those who, with their daily work, contribute  to the improvement of society. Vivacqua also emphasised the importance of new financial technologies, wich allow young people,and non only, to access increasingly specialized and high- performing tools.

The ceremony was opened by a lecture given by Noel Damien Foti, CEO and founder of Linework, who spoke about the importance of current and future opportunities in innovative ans decentralized finance, describing scenarios in which all citizens can grow not only economically, but also culturally and artistically, thanks to new technologies such as those developed by Linework.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of awards to Dea d’Aprile, Carmelo Maugeri, Giovanni Ronzoni, Marco Sinopoli, Marcello Menni, Giuliano Grittini, Francesco Ceci, and Carlo Garofolo, who received recognition for their commitment and contribution in their respective areas of expertise.